Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Afternoon Preschool Schedule

My afternoon preschool schedule consists of repeating lesson plans:  all Mondays have similar lesson plans, all Tuesdays have similar lesson plans, and so on.

Afternoon schedule:

1. Lunch

2. Naps

3. Weather Week and Poster. As a group, children identify the weather for the day. One child gets to place the correct weather piece on the Weather Poster. All children mark the weather on their individual weekly weather charts. On Friday, weekly weather will be analyzed and summarized on a visual graph.

4. Daily Activities: Monday is Play Doe day; Tuesday is Cooking day; Wednesday is Parachute Day; Thursday is Dress Up Day; Friday is Splash Day.

5. Snack

6. Active Alphabet and letter tracing/writing. The Active Alphabet is a great program from Australia that combines gross motor skills and activities with learning the alphabet. Each letter represents an animal and an action that can be used together for fun and learning. After the activities, we will practice using a pencil and (for children who are ready) writing letters.

7. Free play with toys--may use large foam letters.

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