Monday, August 9, 2010

Preschool Lesson Plan Template

Here is a basic template for my preschool lesson plans.  These lessons are meant to fill the morning.  In the afternoon I have other activities and lessons, including weather, recurring activities, and alphabet lessons.  As I use the template to plan my preschool lessons, it helps to see a whole week's worth of lessons (or a whole unit) at once.  That lets me make sure I have lessons in English, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies each week.

Preschool Lesson Plan Template

1.  Freeplay

2.  Circle/Whole Group:

3.  Song:

4.  Story:

5.  Craft:

6.  Learning Activity.

7.  Snack:

8.  Learning Activity.

9.  Freeplay outside. This time may begin with an outside group activity.

10.  Circle to review and summarize day.

Supplies for the day:

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