Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trucks Preschool Lesson Plan

 Trucks! Trucks! Trucks!  What more could a preschooler ask for?  How about a truck craft with clay, a truck song, a truck graph, a truck snack, a truck story, and a truck race?  It's all about trucks!

1. Freeplay

2. Circle/Whole Group: There are many different kinds of trucks! Use a variety of books to show different types of trucks and talk about them. If you have toy trucks available, see if the kiddos can figure out what kind of trucks they have.

3. Song: My Big Truck (Tune: The Wheels on the Bus)

My big truck is coming fast, coming fast, coming fast,

My big truck is coming fast,

Oh, hear its horn! (beep! beep!)

Watch out for its big round wheels, big round wheels, big round wheels,

Watch out for its big round wheels,

Oh, hear its horn! (beep! beep!)

other verses: My big truck can carry cars.

My big truck can make cement.

My big truck can drag airplanes.

My big truck has a bed inside.

4. Story: My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis. What is the truck carrying? How did the hole get in the road? What are those groundhogs doing?

5. Craft: Tire Print Art. Give each child a small ball of air-drying clay (DLTK has a recipe if you want to make it at home. Alternatively, Model Magic by Crayola is a great commercial product for this activity.) and a small toy truck. Instruct the kiddos to flatten their clay and then carefully drive the truck in the clay so it makes tire prints. When they are happy with their prints they can paint them or color them with markers.

6. Learning Activity. Truck and Car Graphing. Instruct kiddos on street safety. Prepare a simple graph in advance. Put numbers along the y-axis and label two columns on the x-axis: cars and trucks. Introduce children to the graph and explain how it works to keep track of observations. Go outside and count all the cars and trucks you can see. As each car or truck is noted, have the children sort it as either a car or truck, then let one of the kiddos mark it on the graph. When you come back in, ask which you saw more of (cars or trucks). Alternatively, your graph could be of colors of vehicles.

7. Snack: Trucks! Use a large graham cracker, a square cracker, and 2 round crackers to make a semi-truck. Top with cream cheese or other toppings.

8. Learning Activity. Ramp Action! Set up ramps for the kiddos to race toy trucks down. Hypothesize--which trucks will go fastest? How can a ramp be arranged to make the truck go faster?

9. Freeplay outside. Begin by acting out My Truck is Stuck--use sticks for props! Then, freeplay.

10. Circle to review and summarize day.

Supplies for the day:

truck books

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis

Model Magic or other air-drying clay

trucks to drive in clay

paints or markers for clay

car/truck graph

crackers and cream cheese


trucks to race on ramps

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